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Choosing Your Stone


The types of natural stone tiles most commonly installed are granite, marble, travertine, limestone and slate. Granite is the hardest and the most dense of the stone types, making it suitable for installation in areas where softer stone would scratch, chip & stain. Ideal areas for granite would include kitchen countertops, all types of floors, commercial applications.

Limestone and travertine are the softest stone types and are most prone to staining and scratching. Unless one is prepared for extra maintenance, limestone & travertine installation should be limited to low traffic areas such as showers, interior flooring and back splashes.

Marble falls between granite and limestone/travertine in durability and can be used in a typical residential installation except kitchen countertops and kitchen floors. Many feel marble is the most attractive and the most dramatic of the stone tile types because of it's veining and movement. Marble is available in virtually every color imaginable.


Slate tile traditionally has a natural cleft giving it the most rustic, relaxed look of all the stone tile types. However recently slate tile has been introduced with a honed surface giving it the best of both worlds i.e. still a relaxed look (albeit slightly less so) but with a smoother, easier to clean surface. Like granite, slate tile is virtually indestructible & can be installed indoors or out, on the wall or the floor.


The advantages of stone tile installation are: because each piece is made by nature and therefore unique, it has a much richer and less cookie cutter look when installed than ceramic tile. Stone tile generally stays in style longer and can make more of a statement than it's man made counterpart. Chips in stone tile can be filled with a matching epoxy. And scratches can be polished away.


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