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Choosing Floor Tile


There are tiles suitable for the floor in every caliber of home from income property to the most sophisticated luxury home. Some of the choices include: slate, porcelain, ceramic, terra cotta, limestone, travertine, marble and granite. Precast concrete and terrazzo tile are relatively new additions to the lineup.

In years past, floor tile never exceeded 8" square. Over time tile size increased to 12", then 16", 18", 20" and now as large as 24". While tile size has changed slowly over time, so have tile colors (remember avocado?) sticking with the tried and true versus the current design trend may result in an installation that does not go out of fashion so rapidly. A seasoned installer will have witnessed the coming and going of these trends and can predict whether or not a client's dream tile will endure.

When tiling over wood, the installer must be certain the floor does not deflect excessively, as this may cause the tile and/or grout to fail. While deflection is not an issue when installing tile over a concrete floor, the installer must now check for and remedy slab cracks prior to tile installation.


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